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The National Bloggers Club will launch a permanent virtual memorial honoring Andrew Breitbart and his work here. You see, he was a friend of ours. Activists, bloggers, and friends will have videos and pictures sharing their fondest memories of the lion of the movement.

In order to ensure his legacy and the style of his work lives on, we've created the Breitbart Scholarship and have an independent review board to grant funds to young journalism students and muckrakers alike.

Announcing the Scholarship

Washington, DC — The National Bloggers Club, a new non-profit providing a loose association for free market bloggers, has officially announced a grant program for young citizen journalists in honor of Andrew Breitbart’s legacy, the Breitbart Scholarship Fund. The fund has been set up in conjunction with a website,, dedicated to showcasing Andrew’s fans and showcase his work. Visitors of the website will be able to donate to the fund, apply for grants and submit their own videos to a library of fans memorializing Breitbart.

Prior to his death, Breitbart attended a National Bloggers Club event, Blog Bash at CPAC. There he was given the “Changing the Narrative” award for his work exposing the Anthony Weiner Twitter scandal. Shortly after, Breitbart had indicated he would join the Board of Directors for the National Bloggers Club.

This wasn’t Breitbart’s first Blog Bash event. He had been a supporter for over 2 years.

“Our team has been hard at work doing our best to make sure the scholarship gets off the ground properly. We have received an overwhelming response. Our first batch of shirts have been shipped, and we look forward to receiving the pictures and videos of those who will be taking part in the Vigil. Andrew played an unparalleled role in this movement. It is an honor and privilege to have a part in seeing his legacy live on,”  said Devon Wills, Director of Blog Bash.

In the weeks following his passing bloggers and activists have held memorial events across the country including Washington, DC, New York, Michigan and Texas “to honor his legacy and renew the commitment to fight the good fight” according to Tea Party Express Chairman and National Bloggers Club Advisory Board Member Amy Kremer.

Anyone interested in making a donation to the Breitbart Scholarship Fund can go to All grants will be reviewed by a board overseen by Andrew’s friends, former colleagues and other bloggers.